Thursday, 20 September 2012

Difference between ASP and ASP.NET

ASP and ASP.Net are very different programming languages. ASP is a scripting language, where as ASP.NET is the web formulation of a compiled language (Visual Basic, C#, J#, C++.Net). Moreover, unlike ASP, ASP.NET is an object-oriented language.

ASP is run under the inetinfo.exe(IIS) process space and is therefore susceptible to application crashes due to IIS being stopped or restarted.

On the other hand, the ASP.NET worker process is a distinct process (aspnet_wp.exe) separate from the IIS process inetinfo.exe. The process model in ASP.NET is unrelated to process isolation settings in IIS.

Difference between ASP and ASP.NET

  • ASP.NET purely object oriented
  • ASP.NET is compiled.
  • html and coding part are separated by code behind files which contains all event handling code.
  • ASP.Net web forms inherit the class written in code behind.
  • ASP.Net web forms use full fledged programming language
  • ASP.Net web applications are configurable (web.config)
  • ASP.Net webforms can use custom controls through the @ register directive
  • ASP.Net web forms have ADO.Net which supports XML integration and integration of data from two or more data sources
  • ASP.NET full XML Support for easy data exchange

  • ASP is partially object oriented.
  • ASP is interpreted
  • ASP has Mixed HTML and coding logic
  • ASP does not have the concept of inheritance.
  • ASP pages use scripting language.
  • ASP applications are not.
  • It is not available with ASP.
  • while ASP has ADO which is a simple COM object with limited facilities.
  • ASP No in-built support for XML

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